Top 5 Mobile Dating Apps to Meet Local Singles

Little by little, the summer season settles down and the outfits are lighter. The senses of the singles sharpen and the desire to meet the soul mate or to authorize some adventures is made more present.

Unfortunately, seduction is not an easy field for everyone and tackling a girl we like on the street or in the evening is a difficult exercise.

Fortunately, as the pub would say, there is an application for it. Dragging on the Internet has become easy and within reach of all, removing the barriers of approach. Here are the five best drag applications on the internet, compatible with Android and iOS.

Number 5: Lovoo

Originally German, this demand began gradually to develop in the hexagon. Lovoo now boasts nearly 26 million active users worldwide. The application is structured around a radar, which allows you to view the profile of people in the vicinity. Each user can add multiple photos and their interests. Lovoo works on a freemium model. The application is free for more information on purchasing.

Number 4: Badoo

Originally a website, Badoo ( managed to take the turn of the mobile and today offer an application used nearly 184 million people around the world (website + application). This makes the site created in 2006 in the UK, the 5th largest social network on the planet. Badoo is also on the freemium model. There are many users on the application plus also many false profiles. Mistrust does.

Number 3: Happn

One of the last notions among the dating apps is Happn and it is French. Happn has only a few months of existence and yet it gradually imposes itself as a reference in terms of drag on the internet. The application is also based on geolocation plus a geolocation much finer than its rivals. Indeed, on Happn, it is impossible to see the profiles located 100 km from your home, the application offers only people who have more or less truly crossed you in real life (within a radius of less than 2 km). If you have met the woman of your dreams on the street and you have not had the courage to go talk to her, do not hesitate to take a look at Happn, she may find it. Happn starts to walk very hard in the capital where one crosses many profiles. On the other hand, it is much less true in the provinces where the profiles are much more rare. An application that nevertheless gains to be known.

Number 2:Adopte un Mec

We no longer present the dating site upset the codes of seduction on the internet, giving back power to women. Because on Adopte un Mec,  a french dating app, it is indeed the women who have the choice and the choice of your authorizer to speak to them or not. The site that is all the rage among the 18 – 30 years and of course also its mobile application, Android compatible, iOS and Windows Phone. The application (and the site therefore) have several million registered and also offer you in-app purchases.

Number 1: Tinder

Here is the no. 1 mobile dredge application. In just two years, Tinder has quickly established itself as a must-have app for online dating. The application has several hundred million subscribers and ultra-simple use. Tinder ( the profiles nearby (you can set a radius between 1 and 160 km) and you just have your screen for the right to “liker” a profile and left to no longer see it again. If the attraction is mutual, then it is a match and you can start to dialogue. Tinder is also based on a freemium model. The basic application is free to enjoy more than 100 profiles per day, you have to pay a monthly subscription.