The best IPTV boxes to watch your Favorite TV

the IPTV box invades the markets. The latter allows you to watch media, movies, series, videos on YouTube, etc. Having a quick and easy installation, the Android box easily integrates into your multimedia environment. What is that ? What use to make of it? How does this Android TV box work? How to choose it well? These are all questions that are answered later in this article. You will also find a selection of the best decoders.

The different ways you can watch Helix IPTV ( ! Here are the different possibilities to benefit from an IPTV subscription: IP25 MAG254 / MAG255 DECODER BOX. MAGs are the best options and the ones that bring you the closest to the traditional TV experience.


Most of our customers use Android TV Boxes, the experience with the STB Emulator is as effective as that of the MAG TV Box.

There are dozens of box brands we advise you to take a 4K box to enjoy the Full HD quality, among the best known boxes are the X96 Mini, Nvidia shield and H96 Max…


The Helix IPTV server is compatible with LG and Samsung Smart TVs. We recommend the Smart-STB app or the Smart IPTV app for the best experience!


The Helix IPTV server now works with Roku smart TVs and Roku 3 and newer boxes!


Helix IPTV subscriptions are compatible with all smartphones via the IPTV SMARTERS or PERFECT PLAYER app.


You can benefit from IPTV service on PC or Macbook using the VLC player but first you have to request the tv playlist when ordering.

The iptv is a service that allows you to access TV channels only via an ADSL, Fiber or 4G broadband connection.
IPTV does not need a Cable or satellite receiver, a simple internet connection is enough or even 4G coverage. So you can benefit from our IPTV service on any connected device: Smartphone, Tablet, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV … Our Services are not geolocated. You can therefore use them in all countries of the world. Our START IPTV offer offers you access to more than 4000 channels.

Helix IPTV’s IPTV Servers are compatible with any Android and iOS device (Smartphones, Tablet or Television via several applications including “GSE IPTV”.
Just install it and enter the IP address, LOGIN and PASSWORD parameters which will be communicated to you after ordering a Helix IPTV subscription.

IPTV service only requires an internet connection to operate, whether in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and all over the world.

One aspect of IPTV systems is that the user should be able to change channels at any time without being slowed down. For this, the SetTopBox must not be overloaded with data. This is where the IGMP protocol comes in. It will indeed allow the box to receive only one channel at a time.

In the diagram below, the switches do not have IGMP enabled. The core network receives all video streams from the IPTV server. If each video stream occupies 10 Mbps, the core network will then carry 3 x 10 Mbps = 30 Mbps of traffic.

Since IGMP is not enabled on switches, these 30 Mbps will be broadcast on all distribution switches and to all users.