Online sales are booming and the turnover of businesses with a merchant site is constantly growing. Customers are buying increasingly specialized product lines, not only during holidays or for special occasions, but at any time of the year.

Did the idea of ​​creating your own online sales site touch you? But you were put off by the risks or the fact that you do not completely master computer science? Rest assured, there are very simple solutions. The “dropshipping” allows you to start your business without stock and without working capital. Online solutions like Shopify, very easy to use but very powerful, also exist to help you create your online shop. We will explain below the method combining these two techniques (the “dropshipping” and Shopify) to allow you to put your e-commerce site very quickly and simply online.

How Drop shipping works:

The word “dropshipping” is an Anglicism which means “direct delivery”. This is an increasingly popular selling technique that relies on collaboration between suppliers and sales sites. Thus, it is your supplier who is responsible for sending the order directly to the end customer, which you have sent to him beforehand. So you do not deal either with inventory management or shipping, but only with the commercial aspect, which saves you a lot of time and protects you from bad surprises (such as having a large inventory, unsold).

The technique of “dropshipping” is appreciated also because finally the two actors, the supplier and the merchant site, come out winners. Indeed, the supplier is happy to have a showcase to sell his merchandise and the online sales site benefits from a serious catalog.Continue reading