What is the best hookup sites? TOP 4 Adult Dating Sites in 2019

It’s not a secret for anyone. Many men register on dating sites in the hope of sleeping with as many girls as possible. I will not throw stones at them. It’s my goal too when I’m looking for a dating app. If I’m in the state of mind to have fun and accumulate the hookups, I even find that dating sites are much more convenient and reliable than a nightclub ride, where I’m not always sure to meet girls who have the same desires.

But I also lost a lot of time on platforms that are not really ideal for this type of meeting. If many swear by Tinder, I find that girls are not as liberated and cash in their intentions as on more specialized applications, where everything is done to promote the hookups.

In this article, I explain to you how to find the best adult dating sites, according to your desires, your fantasies, and your online habits. Check out my comparative, and top 4 best platforms for finding hookups.

Best adult dating sites: our top 4 best platforms

To make this top, I tested over a hundred sites. If some are really promising, I have retained only three to present you the best adult dating sites. I came across a lot of scams, sites full of fake profiles or barely disguised escorts. This is why I wanted to write this article: you avoid wasting your time, and your money.

The 4 libertine dating sites that I will present are really safe and really allow to accumulate the hookups. Read each review to find out more and find the one that best suits you.

1. DoubleList

Do you like hot discussions without a hitch? Why in this case do not try DoubleList. In a very short time, the site has become one of the essential sites for hot dating. So to discover Doublelist.pro for free, it’s just below.

2. EntreCoquins: the leader of naughty encounters

EntreCoquins is for me one of the best adult dating sites in France. In two months of registration, I made contact with 90 girls, planned 11 meetings and had 8 plans ass (about 1 per week). A very good average for a rogue site.

It must be said that EntreCoquins makes every effort to help you sleep more easily. Its main advantage is to have a very large community in France, and to attract only very hot singles, who have no taboo in terms of sex. To make your own idea, the site even offers a free 3-day test that gives you access to all features. And to avoid spoiling anything, subscriptions are very accessible.

And I must say that I am not disappointed by making a first turn on the profiles of girls registered on EntreCoquins. The photos are super hot and many pose in small dress. The platform itself is very easy to use and it is easily found in the different functionality. Moreover, the homepage immediately puts me in the mood by posting sexy profiles and offering a search bar to find my next sex, according to my sexual preferences.

Very direct exchanges

I start right away by creating a fairly detailed profile, which will allow me to introduce myself and describe what I’m looking for on EntreCoquins. From the first day, I receive several messages whose content immediately puts me in the mouth. I flee the too general meeting sites on which the girls go around the bush and prefer to get to know each other before the conversation becomes interesting. On EntreCoquins, nobody procrastinates and as everyone tries to have fun, the exchanges turn directly on my sexual preferences or my best hookups.

The members are also very responsive and I quickly answers my messages. In general, the exchanges last a few minutes. If you like yourself physically, have about the same sexual delusions, and live in the same city, you will be offered an appointment quickly. Result: it is very easy to sleep on EntreCoquins.

3. Adult Friend Finder: the best for adult dating

Adult Friend Finder is in my opinion the second best adult dating sites in France. After two months on AFF, I made contact with 89 girls, organized 15 appointments and finally slept with 6 girls. Adir Friend Friend is a true reference in terms of naughty encounters. There are very different girl profiles, with the possibility to organize a sex with couples, bisexual women, and practices as crazy as you want (like SM, fetishes or fantasies of domination).

Honestly, I do not see how to find happiness on Adult Friend Finder with such diversity and as many active members on the platform.

Upon registration, which only takes a few minutes, I have the opportunity to contact the profiles that interest me by message, chatting live, but also via webcam shows, which allows me to heat without having to leave my apartment. Moreover, the personal pages are often well filled and I have hardly seen any fake during the two months that I spent on this site. The specialized forums are also very active and offer another way to meet people.

No limit in my searches

The big plus of Adult Friend Finder is according to me his search bar which is without question the most detailed that I saw on a site of meeting to kiss. The search criteria are ultra precise and allow to find a profile according to his desires of the moment. Even if you have an unspeakable fantasy or outright crazy, you can find what you are looking for on this platform. Stiletto heels, humiliation, or simply a big brunette 2m: Adult Friend Finder does everything so that nothing comes to limit your imagination or your fantasy of the day.

The possibilities offered would almost make me dizzy. I could even talk with trans people; if it’s not my delirium, I always wanted to know and I must say that talk of ass with a gun girl in the mind of a man is an experience to live at least once in his life.

The exchanges are very free and straightforward. The subject of sex comes on the carpet as soon as the first messages, and many women propose themselves to switch to the webcam for ultra hot strip or cybersex sessions. Meetings are also organized very easily, even if fewer women take action than on Becoquin. But this is only my experience.

The video system works perfectly and allows you to attend liveshow, which is by far the most exciting I’ve seen on the web. You can even scroll through the profiles, much like on Tinder and get in touch with those who have met you. In short the possibilities are inified, and the promise of hot hookups held! I recommend you to register on Adult Friend Finder without further ado.

4. FetLife: adult dating without taboos

Finally, I wanted to talk about my experience on one of the best sites to kiss in my opinion: Fetlife. I made fewer meetings than the first two, but in terms of quality, I took a lot more foot through this site than any other naughty platform that I tested. In two months, I exchanged with 75 girls, organized 8 meetings and slept with 4 girls. It must be said that Fetlife is a little more classic in its approach and offers a more chic interface and less direct turn on the ass. It is therefore less obvious to talk about sex from the first exchanges, which does not prevent to have very good surprises. Because it is often the most reserved girls who are actually the hottest.

What I liked about Fetlife is that the balance between men and women is really respected. When there are too many active guys, registration is limited, which prevents girls from being harassed by messages, and they leave the platform. They are suddenly more confident and bold, and do not hesitate to propose themselves a plan ass.

A very simple platform to use

And it must be said that FetLifeApp.com makes every effort to help you hookup faster. The registration is done in two minutes and allows you to discover in a few clicks the profiles you are looking for. The pictures put online by the users are generally quite classy and we are far from vulgar limit profiles that can be found on other sites.

The search bar is also very intuitive and allows you to target the women you want to meet according to your physical preferences, but also sexual. It is less trash than Adult Friend Finder, but leaves more room for the mystery of meetings, which is not worse. By cons, if you have fantasies a little more hardcore, Fetlife is not necessarily for you.

But under these tunes more class, the site is very focused on sex and allows discussions without taboos and a very quick contact whose only purpose is to allow you to achieve your craziest desires. We quickly agree to an appointment, and if you do not want to leave your home, liveshow webcam will do just fine. The features are not very original but very simple to take in hand, and the result is there … Fetlife is a great application to accumulate plans, and allows to search for new partners without changing a site too trashy.

Why look for adult hookups on the Internet

To begin, I wanted to share with you the benefits that I find to go through a dating adult dating sites. I know that many still prefer the excitement of the chance of a meeting in a club or a bar, but on the Internet, it often takes a few minutes to discuss with a gun that has the same idea as you behind the head. So why deprive yourself.

On the best adult dating sites, I will be able to enter very precise search criteria (from my physical preferences to sexual). Result: I’m spoiled for choice, with a list of girls libertines in my area, and who also want to sleep without commitment. I can even find women in relationships who want to spice up their daily lives, or couples who want to try the plan to 3.

In short, everything is done to allow me to realize my wildest fantasies.
The promise to hookup in a few clicks tempting you too? Find out how to find the best hookups site.

How to choose the right dating site

To find the best kissing site, there are several criteria to consider. This is a good way to not waste your time on a platform that will not fit your needs, or that is simply not for landing plans.

The community

This is for me the criterion n ° 1 before registering on a dating site. It’s a bit like going to a bar because you know that the girls inside can come and go for fun, so on the internet, I always look at the list of profiles in my area before to hire. Most allow you to register for free, which is great for you to get an idea of ​​the girls you can trade with.

I also favor recognized platforms, on which we find more members. This mathematically increases my chances of finding shots. Also make sure that the site is serious and not flooded with fake profiles (which is more often the case on 100% free platforms) and favor those on which the parity is more or less respected. There will always be more men registered than women, but if you have 8 guys for 2 girls, you may end up more often alone at home than accompanied.

I do not forget the quality and always check that the profiles are well informed, with as many photos as possible to be able to get a good idea before approaching a girl.

The proposed features

The features are also very important on the best site for kissing. The most important is of course the online chat, but especially webcam shows that can judge on the spot and heat without leaving his screen. Another very important option is the search filter that allows you to target exactly what I want.

The prices

When I register on a site for sex, the goal is not to pay more than a night club. So I always look at the prices. The trick is to take a subscription on the long term, since the tariffs decrease the more you commit a long time. Also beware of sites that work by credit. You are often attracted to this type of platform thinking that they will come back cheaper, whereas it is ultimately the opposite that occurs.

My test method to find the best hookup sites

Before introducing you to the three best hookup sites, I wanted to talk about my method to test them. You can get an idea of ​​how I do after registering on a dating app and allowing me to say that one platform is better than the other.

I first test each site over the same period. I register for 2 months, taking a paid subscription. This is the time needed to really get me an idea of ​​the opportunities to kiss offered by a site, and to go around the different profiles that may interest me.

I also created at least 3 different profiles in 2 big cities and a smaller agglomeration (in this case Paris, Marseille, and

Nantes). This is a good way to check that the possibilities of finding hookups are the same wherever you live in France. Once my profile is created, I only discuss the girls who seem to me the hottest. This makes sense to me: if I waste my time going to half-filled or less ambiguous profiles, I can not complain about not being able to hookup through this site.

After the two minus on each platform, I make the total contacts, scheduled meetings and my plans ass. You are curious to know which ones I have had the most success. Read more!

So how to hookup more through the internet?

As you can see, the right strategy to find more ass shots is to go through the best adult dating sites, without wasting time on less recognized platforms, which are often real scams. Take a subscription if you need to, but you will not regret it because the chances of going to sleep are very real, and meetings are facilitated to their extreme.

Last tip: focus on a platform rather than test several. This will allow you to stay focused on your matches and increase your chances for your virtual discussions to turn into real hookup!