The 15 best dating apps (2018)

What is the best dating app in 2018?
The truth is that there is more than one answer to this question. The questions that are really important are: who are you and what type of person do you want to meet?

… so, the most important thing is to choose the application that corresponds to YOU!
For example, Tinder is a popular dating app but nowadays there are other options as well, if not more interesting
We have put together a list with the 15 best apps so you can find other singles for a date, a sexy plan or to create new friendships:

1. Tinder – The Most Popular Dating App in The World

Google is the right place for a search on the web, Tinder is the same thing but for online dating.
If you are a recent single and you do not really know, here is a little taste:
Tinder is a dating application that is based on the concept of geolocation – this app suggests users from your city / department / region (you can choose up to a distance of 80 km).
Once your profile is complete, you will begin to receive suggestions from partners according to your criteria. Then you can drag the profiles to the left (if you do not like what you see) OR to the right, otherwise.

If you and the other user are enjoying each other, you can start talking. On the other hand, you can not send or receive messages, if there has not been a “like” on both sides.

However, Tinder is known for its superficiality. A study has even suggested that 40% of users are already in a relationship! So for many people, it’s just a way of entertaining. In the end, the photos are put forward so, if you’re interested, choose some advantageous!
Try Tinder App Here.
Anyway, there are a lot of people who have found love on this app.

Up to you !

2. Bumble – an App Where Women Make First Step

bumble top dating applicationBumble is a dating app that is similar to Tinder:

You will see photos of your partner suggestions and you can drag them to the left or right (no or yes). In addition, it is also based on geolocation so you will need to activate the GPS of your smartphone. This is extremely convenient when you are in another city or country.

Bumble offers greater control for women. When a man and a woman match, the woman must send the message first. If the match is between two people of the same sex, any one can start the conversation.

Bumble is not only for those looking for a partner, you can also make friends (Bumble BFF) or do networking for work (Bumble BIZZ). You can alternate between these 3 app inside Bumble and create a separate profile text for each.

 3. Meetic – The Best French Dating App?

We started with two international applications. Nevertheless, some might suggest that it is only basic seduction app and that it is difficult to make real connections. So, if you want to avoid seduction games and find a serious relationship, Meetic could be for you.

Meetic is a great player in the French scene of dating sites since the early 2000s. Imagine, more than 6 million couples were found thanks to Meetic!

The problem with Tinder and Bumble is that you can slide the photos so quickly that you have a good chance of passing a good partner accidentally. And once it’s done, it’s too late (unless you buy the paid version). On Meetic, you have the time to look at the profiles that interest you and take the time to know the people, before deciding whether they match you or not. In addition, you can also send messages to other people without restrictions.

Start by registering on

4. AdopteUnMec – A Casual Dating App

One evening, if the site was called “Adopt a girl”, that would be problematic. So, let’s not focus on the double standard because in the end, if you agree to be objectified, you will have the opportunity to meet people.

AdopteUnMec has become popular with its website which is now available in app. The site claims that the ratio is 50% of guys and 50% of girls (that’s to see). Most often, on dating services, guys dominate (60 to 70% of total users).

Start by registering on

5. Happn – An Interesting App with an Offline and Online Mode

application meets geolocationHappn is an interesting dating application:

This app recognizes if you have (physically) crossed another user Happn in your city. Happn is not very popular therefore, to avoid in small towns. By cons, if you are single in Paris (or Lyon, Bordeaux, etc …), test!

The Happn app works like this:

When you receive users on your screen after crossing them, you can give them a “like” secret (if they interest you). They will not know that you have “loved” them. But if the other person also liked you, you can start communicating.

Almost everyone has already been in this situation: you come across a cute girl / guy but you did not have the courage to approach them, did you? With the help of Happn, you will not have to let the opportunity escape …!

6. Grindr – The Father of Dating App (for gay guys)

If you thought that Tinder revolutionized dating via smartphone, think again!

No, it all started with Grindr, a gay app that was launched in 2009. So, 3 years even before Tinder’s debut!

So, Grindr is really the father of dating apps. Nevertheless, Grindr is for gays and above all, to find sexual partners. So, if you are gay and looking for a real relationship, it would be better to turn to a more mainstream app. Nowadays, they propose a criterion to choose the sex which interests you.

7. Hornet app – Another “Just for Gays” App

This app is relatively popular worldwide. It is a social network where you can share photos, stories and connect with new people. In addition, you will find a news feed that makes Hornet a community rather than an app to find a plan.

8. HER – An App for Lesbian Dating (LGBTQ)

her application lesbian datingWe have not forgotten women who are looking for other women. Lesbian dating apps are not as popular as gay ones. Nevertheless, HER is rather popular internationally.

The number of users in France is not stupendous but if you want to use an app for girls, test it.

To do this, simply add your Facebook account, add some photos and start your search!

9. Once – The Opposite of Tinder:

new dating appThe app like Tinder has a very fast pace. If you have fingering, you can drag 2 or 3 users per second!

Nevertheless, Once is a dating app that forces you to slow down. It focuses on quality rather than quantity.

Once works like this:

She sends you a partner suggestion a day. This is based on your profile and the system is trying to find an ideal match just for you. Then you have 24 hours to decide whether or not you like the profile. If you love each other, you can start communicating!

Admittedly, one suggestion a day slows things down considerably but the idea is interesting.

Take this striking example: even though we have never been so connected via the Internet, Western statistics show that we have never been so alone. So, it may be more important to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Try for free:

10. OkCupid – Free Dating App (without Facebook login)

Free Dating AppOkCupid is a dating app that brings together young, artistic and international people. This site is rather alternative and not really suitable for people in the “mold”.

This application will ask you many questions and will show you a hypothetical percentage of correspondence with other users.

OkCupid is free but some features are paying (you choose). According to app store reviews, OkCupid is the best dating app currently available. In addition, the interface is simple and the user experience positive.

This app does not require login via Facebook. So you can simply register with your email address.

11. Tastebuds – Dating App for Lovers of Music

tastebuds franceTastebuds connects people who share the same musical tastes.

It’s not just a dating app, you can also make new friends. In addition, its slogan says “Meet people through music” so, meet people through music.

This app is relatively small and based in the UK. As a result, the French community is still small. However, if you speak Shakespeare’s language and want to “connect” with other similar people, try it!

12. Eliter Encounter – The Best Dating App for Educated Singles from 30+

If you are in your thirties or older, do you have a university education and are looking for a serious relationship?

If so, Eliterencontre will be ideal for you. This site is a great success with the thirty-somethings / quarantine ambitious and over 50 years.

In a first place, register on, complete the personality test and see your results. The test only takes about ten minutes and it is interesting. You will learn interesting things just by filling it. That goes, what you want in your potential partners or what a happy relationship is for you.

Subsequently, the test results are used to suggest the best possible partners!

Try for free:

13. Hinge – A New Dating App for Serious Relations

hinge appliHinge is an app for those who want a relationship rather than superficial encounters. The creators of this app thought the app market needed more depth and meaning, unlike apps like Tinder.

Hinge works like this:

You can comment on or like something about user profiles – be it a photo or a nformation. If the person appreciates your approach, they may decide to initiate the conversation.


14. eDarling – Perfect for Singles 50+

edarling application meeting without facebookDarling is a brand of respected dating sites in France. From now on, it is available in app. This application is ideal for people who are looking for a serious relationship. Like Eliterencontre, eDarling also offers a personality test by registering on the site.

The application had a lot of bad reviews on the app store but the site works perfectly on any medium (mobile, tablet or computer).

Sign up for free on:

15. Gleeden – An App for Bride and Groom looking for an Adventure

gleeden application dor adult dating Yes, there is a site and a dating application for married people wishing to find a lover or a lover out of their relationship. In fact, there are many apps and sites of this kind.

If your matrimonial room has turned into a fridge and you decide to embark on an extramarital adventure, this app is for you!

It’s up to you to decide if you want to share this with your partner.


So, it is clear that there is no single answer to tell you that it is the best dating app.

It is true that Tinder is very popular and practical to start. However, if you are looking for something serious, it is worth testing sites and more comprehensive dating apps, where the personality is put forward.


And now:

What are your experiences with dating apps? Be brave and be the first to comment below. If you have something to share or a new dating app is not present on this list, comment!