Fetlife – Fetishists and Kinksters Community – Test and Review

A true reference in the world of the BDSM meeting, Fetlife enjoys a phenomenal reputation in north America and the UK, but also in Europe and worldwide. This is our opinion on Fetlife, known for its open community and diverse sexual practices.

Fetlife Overview

Fetlife is one of the most popular BDSM and Fetish Dating sites in France, with nearly 57 sex trends represented and 1.8 million members worldwide. In France alone, you will find more than 150,000 ads, with very different profiles: amateurs or experts in sadomasochism, gays or heterosexual sex, and all types of libertine sex practices. Fetlife has been around for over 20 years and has managed to seduce a large number of French for its open and tolerant spirit: on Fetlife, you will not be judged and you will necessarily find a partner who will want to play the game and help you to satisfy your wildest fantasies! visit Fetlife – https://fetlifenetwork.com/

The community of Fetlife

The community of Fetlife is one of its strengths. On this site, you will be able to make all types of meetings because the members are very varied: meeting fetishist, meeting BDSM, meeting swinger, encounter libertine. Most of the members are over 30 years old, although there are some profiles between 25 and 30 years old, and they are respectful, tolerant, open-minded and mature. All you need to do fetish dating in complete freedom!

Fetlife’s rates

Registration on Fetlife is free. Once registered, you can access the basic features of the site, but to use it in unlimited and access the most effective features, such as chat, webcam, or access to the VIP section of the site it will be necessary to subscribe a subscription.

The strengths of Fetlife

Fetlife has the advantage of being one of the best-known BDSM Dating Fetish sites : it has a large community and it will be very easy to find your happiness. Of the 57 sexual practices represented on the site, you will inevitably find shoe to your foot, and above all, without waiting for months! However, most people choose fetish dating sites rather than libertine bars just to find faster, especially when they have very specific criteria.

Another advantage of Fetlife that stems from its notoriety: the site deploys many efforts to ensure that this community is protected. Thus, Fetlife is completely secure and all fake profiles are sorted so that there are only reliable and motivated people. We also appreciate the ability to test the site without paying, accessing most basic features even if it is limited: given the rates, higher than most sites BDSM Fetish Meeting, it is rather practical. Finally, Fetlife is a very effective website. Whether via chat, webcam or email, you can make lasting meetings or one-night meetings, depending on what you are looking for, and this in just a few days!

The weak points of Fetlife

Fetlife has a major disadvantage: the ratio of men to women is very unbalanced. Admittedly, you will have no trouble finding a partner in view of the diversity of profiles, but as the site has an average of 2 women for a man, it will be more difficult to find for women.

Conclusion on Fetlife

Fetlife is without a doubt one of the best BDSM Dating Fetish sites in France: especially if you are a man, trust him with your eyes closed because you will find partners that meet 100% of your criteria very quickly! Forget the libertine bars and save time with Fetlife.