10 Best Dating Apps for Hookups

With dating apps, some of which rely on geolocation, one-night hits have never been easier to find.

Sometimes your smartphone can just help you spice up your sex life. These apps should give you some ideas for meeting naughty and connected.

An hour of fun without number exchange or taking a cabbage. Just fun and fun. Express seduction, fast sex. Then back home, and not too late. The next day, the job does not wait.
The best naughty dating apps.


Ashley Madison is a Canadian dating application, launched in 2001, and a targeted social network for married people or couples.

If you are looking for an extra marital bond, Ashley Madison should be made for you. Like any other popular site, Ashley Madison has a large database of users over 50,000,000 (from now on), and these numbers are continually increasing.

It is an extramarital app where you can meet married women and men. But, again, we do not want to promote such things because it is immoral and unethical, but we publish what our public demands. Be careful and smart – do not cheat with your partner.

If you want results from Ashley Madison, then you must be really patient otherwise we do not recommend you to register for this application.

If you create an attractive profile; write a decent bio and use attractive keywords, then Ashley Madison will work. You must take into account the gender imbalance you find on AM.

Ashley offers a free trial week and three premium packages: Beginner Offer, Elite Offer, Premium Guarantee Offer. Start with a free trial, if you wish, you can subscribe to their premium plans then if you wish.
Download the Ashley Madison app for iPhone
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2. Feeld App


Feeld is a site specializing in adulterous encounters launched in 2009 . The app has over 3,000,000 registered members

Whether you are looking for an extramarital adventure near you or a lover for thousands of miles on the go, Feeld.org offers you a privileged space to get in touch with infidels from all over the world!

Want adulterous encounters? It’s your turn !

Thought daily by a team 100% feminine, the application of Feeld meeting gives the power to women for extra-marital meetings in all discretion!

Completely free for women, men’s evaluation by women, personalized advice by Feeld Experts.


Grindr is a geolocated network application created by homosexual and bisexual men, designed to help these men meet other men in their area for sexual encounters, simple encounters or friendship.

Grindr has established itself as a gay dating app since 2009. When you download Grindr you will see a lot of Grindr user profiles. From there, you can swipe on Grindr profiles and see if there is the man you are looking for before writing a message. Like Facebook, there is also an icon to see if the user is online.

It’s a free gay apps, and you can download the app for both Android and iPhone. People are totally gay, and their intentions are confirmed just by looking at their profile pictures.

Photos of guy topless = asserted, just sex and more if affinity.

Photo of a fully dressed guy, especially if he only shows his face = interested in dating or friends.

Photo topless where you see only the torso and not the face of the guy = just sex, no tomorrow.


Zoosk is a complex dating app for a variety of people (LGBT). Zoosk currently has 40,000,000 users and 3 million messages are sent every day. The application requires you to connect with your social media account.

You will need to complete a quick survey so that the app can find the best match for you. The only thing we like about Zoosk is that you can find singles that interest you by using the zip code.

This is not designed for LGBT people, it’s a typical dating app, so you need to make sure to educate your interests properly. Zoosk is not free, but you can join the community for free and you decide after. This application is available for Android, iOS and also on computer.

Download the Zoosk app


CHATFLIRT is an application that allows you to meet people totally free just by chatting. The application is the simplest in the world, a cat really well done and a very big community. All the basic features are free so the ad from time to time.

You can offer the VIP version that will give you more rights. In the end, not much to say, a dating app that does the job simply.

Download the Chatflirt app


Pure is, as its name does not indicate, a dating application that goes straight to the point. Connected people want a meeting one night, without pretense or shake. Pure, it’s a bit like Tinder but without the hypocrisy that goes with it.

Nothing is preserved, everything is destroyed. It could be the main slogan of the Pure app. Everything is done, upon registration to preserve your security and anonymity. No link with social networks, no blue card number (everything goes from the AppStore), no phone number to communicate.

A like on a person sends an alert and if the attraction is reciprocal and that the person is available in our zone, no need of useless blabla! You decide where you meet and at what time. That’s all. This is the perfect app for purely sexual encounters or extra-marital, without risk of falling on a person who attaches.

On the subscription side, after 7 days of free trial, several options are available to continue to have access to the application ranging from 11 € 90 for the week to 49 € 90 for 6 months. The price to pay to pass the sterile discussions, the meetings only virtual and finally go straight to the point.

Download the Pure app


OkCupid is a very famous and free dating site. We believe OkCupid so much that we have also listed it in our best free dating apps. Indeed, the application OkCupid is completely free.

So, if you do not have money to spend on dating, OkCupid is a very good choice. If you live in a big city, you will be able to find a lot of people and play at the same time, but for the countryside, it’s another story.

OkCupid asks interesting questions to know “who you are”, then its intelligent algorithm uses your answers to find the people who fit you. It is an application where you will find many authentic people.

This is not a classic dating site with paid packages, it’s a real free dating app. But, we do not want to address the debate of the paying or non-paying, the pay is necessary for the application can move serenely in the right direction.

If you have patience and are looking for free alternative dating apps, we recommend that you try OkCupid. Their app is also available for iOS and Android.

Download the OkCupid app


CasualX is one-night meetings, nothing more. Coup of a night, friend with benefits, regular Q plan … call it what you want but the principle is to meet hot rabbits who want action in their sex life.

Level security, creators have also thought of everything. If you are in the evening, you end up a little too drunk and you lost your phone, no worries. The app has a secret code that makes it accessible to you alone. Are you afraid to play on your boss? Again no worries, you can choose to hide your photos.

By cons if you put your real name and not a nickname … we can not do anything for you!

Here, everyone is registered for the same thing, and it is not blablater.

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Weeple remains among the most fun apps for dating but they can also be “hot”. Completely free, this app with its GIF profile creation really offers something unique compared to others.

The Weeple application claims 100% authentic profiles, which means that it will bring together a large number of people who are angry with fake profiles of all kinds.

No paid offer on the Weeple app, it’s their concept and it’s always a pleasure.

The registration is ultra secure, simple and complete. You fill in the strictly necessary to meet people around you. Straight, bi, trans, gay. Everything is there to make thrilling encounters and why not just for one night.

Download the Weeple app


“It’s like real life, but better.” No need to (re) present the application sometimes equated to a very sex-oriented dating site.

Today, it continues its global development despite criticism and stands out as one of the best known and most used. We swipe to the right (to say yes) and we say thank you Whitney Wolfe (the one who had the idea).

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